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A Social network for Instructors and Students

If you need any Educational solution we are available for you. Study Circle give the students best teachers as well as better education at your location or by online classes.

Multiple Instructors

Focussed attention by multiple instructors per student.

Industry Experts

Consultation and seminars by various Industry experts

Student Groups

Social Groups, Classes, batches for wholistic learning environment

Personalised Focus

Personalised course curriculum based on user progress.

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Progressive web app framework. Extract a mobile app from the site.

Progressive Web App

Runs in a browser. Can be downloaded on desktop, tablet and mobiles. Extremely fast loading at 200ms. Updates work directory from the website.

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Mobile App

Hosted on App stores. Runs on Mobile devices. Slow, can be as fast as a Progressive web app. Updates require approvals from App store.

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