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How Many Marks Are Required In NEET For MBBS?


NEET is the entrance exam for the medical aspirants to ponder of. NEET stands for National Eligibility Entrance Test. It helps to gain medical college by qualifying for the NEET paper. NEET provides admission in courses of MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH. In this article, we are going to focus on MBBS. It is the complete guide for MBBS aspirants. Let’s dive into it.

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What is a good rank for NEET-UG 2022?

How many marks are required for mbbs? Everyone asks those questions before competing in the NEET exam paper. To answer those questions, we have provided this guide that will pave your way from the doubts. 

Different ranks are good for NEET-UG. Some of them are listed below. This will help to get a basic idea about the ranking.

  • MAMC, Delhi – 62
  • VMMC, Delhi – 149
  • University College of medical sciences, Delhi – 292
  • AIIMS, Delhi – 51
  • SMS medical college, Jaipur – 1185
  • JIPMER, Puducherry – 4087

These are the end ranks till they take admission for mbbs. 

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What is NEET 2022 marking scheme? 

It is very much easy. For every right answer, the candidate will score +4, and for every wrong answer, -1 will be provided. Hence the maximum marks will be 720 of 180 questions. As 200 questions are asked in NEET, only 180 questions are needed to be answered. And the range of NEET marking is from -180 to 720. 

Marking for different subjects. As there are two sections in the NEET paper. In the second section, from 15 questions, only ten questions needed to be answered. 


  • Section A – 35 questions – 140 marks
  • Section B – 10 questions – 40 marks


  • Section A – 35 questions – 140 marks
  • Section B – 10 questions – 40 marks


  • Section A – 35 questions – 140 marks
  • Section B – 10 questions – 40 marks


  • Section A – 35 questions – 140 marks
  • Section B – 10 question – 40 marks
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Is 2022 a good score for different medical colleges? 

NEET exam paper is one of the toughest papers on the national level. The minimum mark required in neet for mbbs is 50 percentile in 2021. And the NEET cut-off marks range from 720 to 138 for the general category. NEET marks for mbbs are versatile, so we provide a range that will help you know your neet score for mbbs. 

The score is categorized as:-

  • Low score – 400-200
  • Average score – 550-430
  • Good score – 650-550
  • Very good score – 650-700

Looking at those categories makes it easy to know your spot in the neet cut-off. 

NEET score for mbbs needs to be 700+ to be a seat in a government college. 

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How to calculate neet for the 2022 score?

How many marks are required in neet for mbbs? This question is being answered but calculating the neet score for mbbs is a bit different. 

For every right answer, +4 marks are awarded to the candidate, and for every wrong answer, -1 is provided. 

Hence the range of marks for the NEET score for mbbs is -180 to 720 as there are 200 questions in the NEET exam paper, and 180 questions need to be attended to. 

What are the minimum marks required in neet for mbbs in colleges 2022?

A variety of marks need to be scored in NEET for mbbs. But in NEET 2022, almost 50% of marks should be for the general category. And for PH and reserved categories, 45%, and 40% marks are needed to reach the cut-off for NEET 2022. 

In 2021, almost more than 138 to 720 marks were needed for the general category, and on the same page for OBS, SC, and ST, only 108 to 137 marks are needed to get into government colleges. 

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The medical college and the required rank

We have listed some of the medical colleges with their prescribed ranks. 

Govt. Medical College, Kota – 67 to 4844

Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram – 88 to 1078

VMMS & Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi – 90 to 935

AIIMS, Delhi – 1 to 51

JIPMER, Puducherry – 8 to 4087

These are the few colleges with their opening and closing rank per 2022 mbbs admission.

Does NEET 2022 rank for MBA admission?

Yes, but the candidate has to provide a huge sum of money to a private college for admission to an MBA course. There are various other colleges that candidates can look for. MBBS is not the only place where medical aspirants are required. There are many other fields where they are needed; hence, there is great scope to improve. 

You can also give entrance exams for MBA courses that can lead to more possibilities. 

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How to get a good rank in neet 2022? 

Seven steps can improve the chances of getting a good rank in 2022. As the neet score for mbbs for the general category is quite high, practice can improve the chances of getting any medical government colleges. 

Those seven steps are:-

  • Time Table
  • NCERT book is key for basics
  • Practice improves chances
  • Mock test to know your position
  • Tutors for better results and understanding
  • Revision
  • Proper sleep and relaxation are key to staying focused.

NEET Cutoff 2022 – What is the use?

Using neet scores is to get into medical colleges and pursue further studies. It offers courses like mbbs, bds, and Ayush in the field of medical. 

There are always several other options that can fetch better life if neet is not a cup of tea. There is always a need for medical aspirants in the field of engineering. Hospitals and clinics are the spots, but nowadays, engineering is becoming vast, including medical aspirants. 

It also helps to get ESIC and AFMS with the NEET cutoffs. 

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Factors determining NEET cutoff

Numerous factors affect the neet score for mbbs. Those points are:-

  • Tough paper
  • Attendance of candidates
  • Availability

These three points can change the neet score for mbbs.


We have provided a guide that helps to clear all the doubts regarding mbbs. NEET score for mbbs can be difficult for most students, but there are always other options. NEET counseling can also be an option to guide candidates who want to pursue the medical field. 

  1. What if the NEET 2022 cutoff gets reduced?

This can only be done if most candidates do not show up at the time of the paper. 

  1. Which colleges does NEET provide?

NEET provides numerous colleges. Those are government as well as private colleges.

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